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Baby Goats on the Way!
December 2013

We have confirmed that Love Song's October breeding was successful!  We will have baby goats in March or April 2014.  We hope to breed Primrose soon for June kids.  Check out our breeding schedule to reserve your kid!

Busy Bees

October 2013

Arlington Acres is now selling golden summer honey from our Pittsburgh location!  (Online ordering available soon.)  Our bees have been busy gathering nectar from flowers all over southern Pittsburgh - from the flats of South Side to the top of Mount Washington!  We also have pure beeswax candles available.  Contact for more information.
Three jars of honeyPair of tapered beeswax candles

Summer is Ending
September 2013

Basket of Asian and Rescue pears

Summer is nearing its end.  We've harvested Asian pears, pears and hops.  The Jerusalem Artichokes are in bloom.
Close up of hops  Truck full of bales of hay
We filled up the truck with hay to stock up for the winter.  The goats couldn't wait to try out this year's crop!
Goats on display at Fourth of July picnic
Two goats on top of bales of hayThe chickens have taken to laying eggs in the goat barn instead of the chicken coop.

The goats also had their first "gig."  Two-goat petting zoo at a Memorial Day picnic.  They've gotten several requests to entertain at weddings or eat poison ivy, so we'll see how entrepenueristic they want to be!

Home remodelingThe wall between the kitchen and the addition has come down!!  It's still a major work zone, but it's nice to see some progress in big swoops like this!

Home and Garden
August 30, 2013

basket of beans, tomatoes, and other vegetalesbasket full of ground cherriesHolding up long purple beansChickens sitting in a circle

It's been a busy spring and summer.  The chickens are still pumping out those eggs and Carrie Junior is still trying to hatch phantom chicks.  We've harvested peas, lettuce, beans, kale, chard, strawberries, ground cherries, cucumbers, basil, mint, leeks, chives, arugula, tomatoes, and potatoes.  Hops, squash, pears, peppers, and Jerusalem artichokes are still on their way.  We've put up some bread and butter and dill pickles, which we're excited to try.
Jars of honey

Motion photo of spinning honey extractorOne hive of bees died out over the winter, leaving us with two.  We bought a used honey extractor and harvest 9 gallons of summer honey and are working on making beeswax candles.

Two goats eating weedsThe goats have been enjoying weeds from the garden.  We're looking into breeding options, in hopes for spring babies.
Black and white puppy
One of our neighbors has started up a little garden as well.  We got to enjoy some of his sweet corn a few weeks ago!

A new addition has arrived at Arlington Acres.  Banjo, a border collie, lab, husky, golden retriever mix, is our new little sweetheart.  Zero likes him ok most of the time.

After a goat-beehive disaster, we decided to fence off the top part of our yard into a goat and chicken free zone, which is now sprouting grass.  It's a big help with the house renovations still going on.  No goats trying to eat bags of concrete anymore.  The porch and stairs are almost done.  The kitchen addition is still a work in progress.

New Website!

January 20, 2013

Two goats playing
We've moved from to and are focusing more on goats than chickens/eggs.  I guess it's been awhile since we've had an update.  Primrose and Love Song are nearing breeding age!  Babies!  Milk!  Cheese!  Stay tuned!  In sadder news, we are down from eight to seven chickens.  Old age instead of attack, for once.  That said, there was a COYOTE in our backyard last week....  Remember that we are a mile and a half from downtown Pittsburgh... Oh, and Happy New Year!

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