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Arlington Acres (.10 acres, that is!) is a mountain-top organic urban farm on "The Hilltop" two miles from Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Allegheny County. Our large city plot is rooted in an agricultural past, once serving as a duck farm and horse livery. Today, we have fruits, vegetables, chickens, bees, and goats. All animals roam  free-range all day over a hilly 5,000-square-foot yard and eat an all organic diet.  Our herd tested negative for CL, CAE, and Johne's in October 2014. 

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Carrie and Doug realized their love of farming while living in a rural village in Zambia.  They spent countless hours building a bamboo chicken coop that fell apart, building another bamboo chicken coop to replace it, building an egg laying shelter that the chickens found inferior to the dirty charcoal bag, building a bamboo goat house that nearly cost Doug his toe and Carrie her foot and which the goats refused to sleep in anyhow, hitchhiking 120 kilometers with a beehive, climbing trees to capture several swarms of African Killer Bees who immediately escaped the hive, starting fruit tree seedlings that the villagers neglected to care for, drawing and lugging buckets of water to nurse a garden that wouldn't produce, and planting a field of peanuts that was eaten by termites. It was there that they bought their first hen, ate their first homegrown eggs, and hatched their first batch of chicks.  Carrie later went on to raise a family of nearly-feral goats.  They returned to the States, but they didn't leave their love of gardening and animal husbandry in Africa.  The couple is now living on an urban farm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Learn about how Carrie's time in the Peace Corps inspired their urban farm. 

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