Chicken, Duck, and Bee Photos

Close up of duck faceClose up of duck face
Black and white speckled chickenBrown and white speckled chickenCat and chicken looking at each other through windowBaby chick next to mother
Brown chicken in the sunshineBrown and white speckled chicken
Chickens standing together in a circleCarrie holds a fuzzy yellow chick
 Baby chick with tiny birthday hatBaby chicks outside
 Baby chick on top of Doug's headBaby chick on a scaleBlack and white chicken in the snow
Ginger colored chicken in the snowBlack and white speckled chicken in the snow
Chicken coop covered by snow in Pittsburgh's SnowmageddonGray and beige chicken in the snowBasket of colorful eggs on the kitchen table
Carton of colorful eggsFuzzy baby chicks
Baby chick just hatched from eggBaby chick hatching from eggHand made chicken coop

Bees flying home with pollenBee with pollen on legs
Bees on frame of combTwo beehives
Swarm of bees in a treeBees on a frame of comb in the sunshine
Open hive and toolsClose up of bees in bee hive
Spinning honey extractorHoney flying out of comb during extraction
Flowing honey during extractionJars of honeyProcessing honey
Dark bottle of fall honeyHoney from Arlington Acres farm in Pittsburgh PA

Homemade candles from beeswax from Arlington Acres Farm in Pittsburgh PA

(Video from Zambia, not Pittsburgh)

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