Farm Blog 2015

Lots of Updates!
April 2015

It's been quite busy around here!  Both Love Song and Primrose are pregnant.  Love Song is due in a couple of weeks, and Primrose in June.

We have some new baby chicks!  A Salmon Faverolles, Wyandotte, Delaware, and Barred Rocks.  They're living in the bathroom now.  Looking forward to integrating them with the rest of the flock.

Sadly, we lost one beehive over the winter for unknown reasons.  We now just have on hive.

The thing that's keeping us the busiest is the new business we're starting - Steel City Grazers.  It's a goat landscaping company.  Basically, organizations or individuals can rent the goats to clear their land of weeds.  We hope to start grazing in May!

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