Primrose the Nigerian Dwarf Goat at Arlington Acres Farm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wild Wind Farm OB Primrose
Black and white Swiss Marked with roan, white poll, and white facial markings
Born February 4, 2012
First freshening will be Spring 2015 

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                                        SS - Rosasham TL Cauldron *S +B VEE90
                    S - NC PromisedLand RC Obama *S *B 
                                        SD - GCH/ARMCH Caesar's Villa LV Breezy *M 2*D VEEE90
Wild Wind Farm OB Primrose 
                                        DS - Wood Bridge Farm Romeo *S
                    D - Wild Wind Farm Zoey
                                        DD - Laurel Haven Sicily

Primrose's Sire:  NC PromisedLand RC Obama *S *B
(Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S +B E90  x  ARMCH/GCH Caesar's Villa LV Breezy 2*D *M E90 VEEE)
Photos and description courtesy of Wild Wind Farm

Reference Nigerian Dwarf Goat sireReference Nigerian Dwarf Goat Sire

"Obama is a heavily moon spotted gold and black buckskin.  This boy has a pedigree filled with quality animals. The maternal grand dam (Bridget) was the 2004 National Champion, and the maternal great grand dam (Felicia) was the 2003 National Champion.  His dam (Breezy)  is line bred on ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Steston ++*S, a buck that truly left his mark on the Nigerian Dwarf world. This boy's paternal grand dam (Witch Hazel) was the 2005 National Show Best Udder, and his paternal great grand dam (Water Lily) was the 2000 National Champion. His sire (Cauldron) is line bred on +B ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S E, another highly influential buck in the Nigerian world." - Wild Wind Farm

Obama's Sire:  Rosahaarn's TL Cauldron *S E90
 Reference Nigerian Dwarf buck

Obama's Sire's Dam: Rosasharn's UK Witch Hazel 5*D VG
 Reference Nigerian Dwarf goat doeReference Nigerian Dwarf goat doe

Obama's Littermate: Rosasharn TL Bewitched 6*D
Reference Nigerian Dwarf Goat doeReference Nigerian Dwarf Goat doe
Primrose's Dam: Wild Wind Farm Zoey
(Wood Bridge Farm Romeo *S  x  Laurel Haven Sicily)
Photos and description courtesy of Wild Wind Farm

Reference Nigerian Dwarf Goat DoeReference Nigerian Dwarf Goat Doe

"She has a well attached balanced udder.  Easy to milk," - Wild Wind Farm